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Encourage Your Workforce To Take Vacations

Most companies offer some sort of vacation or paid time off to their employees. Statistics show that the majority of employees do not take their vacation days, which can lead to problems for both the employee as well as the employer. (Read more…)

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Sunscreen and Being Prepared

This weekend my family and I went on a motorcycle ride and I failed to apply sunscreen before we took off, leaving me with a few very odd looking red and purple spots on my hands. Over the past few days I’ve noticed clients glancing at the odd shapes on my hands that look like I was in some freak accident. Yes, indeed I was, I accidentally thought I didn’t need sunscreen and I was (painfully) wrong. (Read more…)

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Drug-Free Workplace: Wreathed in Smoke in Washington

Since the good people of Washington state voted to legalize recreational use of Marijuana beginning at the end of 2012, employers in the Evergreen State have been dazed and confused about their rights. Unsure about whether or not they can rightfully prohibit the use of pot by their employees, or if they must allow them to indulge on their own time, employers are left in a haze. (Read more…)