We have compiled one-page fact sheets on a variety of Employee Benefit topics.

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Advertisement to Exit Interview

Sure Hire

  • Systematic Analysis of Your Current Hiring Practices
  • Better Quality Hires
  • Diminish Lawsuit Threats
  • Reduce Costly Turnover

Extinguish Fires Before They Start

Sure Fire

  • Proactively Manage the Employee Termination Process
  • Protect Against Employment Practices Lawsuits
  • Ensure Documentation Compliance


Leave the Analysis to Us

Employee Benefits Consulting

  • Market Analysis
  • Health Care Reform Compliance (PPACA)
  • Improved Employee Communication & Comprehension
  • ERISA & HIPAA Compliance
  • Employee and Employee Advocacy
  • Increased Efficiency and Time Savings


Your Online Toolkit

HR Consulting

  • Save Time
  • Manage Performance
  • Insulate Against Employee Related Lawsuits
  • Strengthen Employee & Management Relationships

Saving Time & Money Through Targeted Surveys

Surveys Ready

  • Time Savings
  • Employee Confidentiality
  • Creative Question Writing
  • Concise Reporting
  • Improved Response Rate
  • Assess Employee Comprehension

Get it in Writing & Get it Done

EHL Accountability Plan

  • Written Service Contract
  • Stewardship Report
  • Accountability
  • Quantifiable Results