Group Dental & Vision Insurance

Photo bar showing vision and dental patients

Dental and vision plans are often highly valued by employees but may not be a priority to employers contemplating offering benefits to their employees. Our Employee Benefits Advisors can assist you with a custom designed employee benefits survey to assess levels of interest by your employees and the expected employee utilization of a dental and/or vision plan, ensuring any plan will meet the needs of your company.

Statistics demonstrate preventive dental care can reduce the onset of more serious dental and other health conditions. Poor dental health and hygiene has been proven to affect overall health in various areas, including cardiovascular and digestive systems.


Vision insurance is typically inexpensive, yet is perceived as an important benefit by employees. Vision plans usually include an annual exam, something that’s critical in early detection of degenerative eye diseases, as well as hardware benefits, such as lenses, frames and/or contacts.

little girl trying on glasses