Most companies offer some sort of vacation or paid time off to their employees. Statistics show that the majority of employees do not take their vacation days, which can lead to problems for both the employee as well as the employer.

Have you ever had a mental block or inability to focus and had to take a short break then start again. When you came back to the task you likely found your thoughts were a little clearer and you were able to engage at a higher level. Vacation time does the same thing for us as a whole, but at a much higher and longer lasting level. Vacations, without the distraction of our electronic leashes, allow the body to rest, relax and rejuvenate while freeing us of our pent up stress and cyclical frazzled status. Studies have shown that this break actually leads to higher productivity in our workforce!

The benefits of taking a vacation to both the employee and employer are numerous. Better health for the employee relates to greater productivity and less time off for the employer. Greater mental clarity, focus and drive benefit the employer every bit as much as the refreshed and renewed employee. Personal growth and fulfillment lead to a happier and more productive workforce with a more energized and synergistic work group.

All of this sounds great, so why don’t we take more vacations then? First let’s ask why don’t YOU? Do you feel that you have to set an example and be there every single day to show what a good worker you are? Perhaps you are afraid of all the work that will stack up and wait for you while you are out. Maybe you feel the office cannot survive while you are gone. What if there is a crisis? If we are properly training our workforce these should be non-issues. We want to train people to be able to help each other out, to fully complete their job and be able to resolve a crisis or mitigate it until we can return. If we do the best training we can on the front end then we should all be able to take care of ourselves on the back end which is a win-win for everyone involved.

Encourage your workforce to take a vacation, leaving their electronics behind, so they can fully refresh and recharge. Watch and see the difference in their attitude and performance overall.

Heather Torres

Senior Employee Benefits Advisor

Ph: (360) 779-4448 ext. 8170

Heather is a Sr. Employee Benefits Advisor, the promise keeper and main contact for the vast majority of our employee benefit clients. She has a talent for management, and a drive and passion for children. Heather is a wife and mother and loves being outdoors with her family.

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