Jenny Childs, GBA

Employee Benefits Assistant

Ph: (360) 779-4448 ext. 8171

Jenny Childs is originally from Eastern Washington. She moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington and earned her degree in Business Administration (Go Dawgs!). Jenny liked the Seattle area so much she decided to stay! Before joining EHL’s Employee Benefits team, Jenny was a benefits manager, specializing in helping employees navigate the benefits world.

Jenny is a communicator extraordinaire. Whether she’s talking with clients, carriers, or total strangers, she knows how to get to the heart of an issue and respond in a way that is genuinely helpful. Not only does she solve all kinds of problems, she makes all kinds of friends while doing it. Got questions? Just ask! If Jenny doesn’t have the answer immediately, she’ll make it her personal mission to keep digging until she finds it. Like a dog with a tennis ball, she won’t drop it until she’s satisfied. This might help explain why every pup on the planet wants to be her pal. Jenny isn’t just a dog magnet. She’s a client magnet as well. They also appreciate her boundless energy, friendly nature, and never-ending desire to make them happy. So do we.

Jenny lives in Poulsbo with her husband, Ryan, son, Kellen, and three dogs. In her free time, she’s a soccer mom.

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