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Personal Insurance Solutions

With the wide range of insurance products and options available today – not to mention the ever-changing rules and regulations – it is no wonder so many people feel helpless when trying to sort out what type of insurance coverage they need and what they can afford.

We understand that dissecting the differences in policies in order to determine which one gives you the biggest advantage is not only a daunting task, but also an incredibly time consuming one.


That is why we are here.

Our Personal Insurance professional Advisors are dedicated to providing superior service and solutions to each and every one of our clients. We take the time to go through your current policies with you, and make sure that any questions you have are answered.

We help you analyze the risks you face, and then provide you with information on the programs that are best suited to your needs, that offer the greatest value in protecting you and your assets, and that fit within your budget.

We make sure that you understand the choices we are presenting so that you feel educated and knowledgeable enough to decide what works best for your family and you.

You don’t just get a policy with EHL…

You get a Trusted Advisor.

And that makes all the difference.

Types of Personal Insurance
Solutions We Provide Include:

Auto Insurance – Car/Truck/Passenger/Collector/Motorcycle/RV
Commuting, vacation travel, shopping or merely a casual Sunday drive, are part of our American tradition. While this is a liberating freedom, it is an activity with enormous financial risk. In light of all this time spent in your vehicle, are you adequately protect in the case of a serious accident?
The vast majority of people we talk to have potentially enormous gaps in their coverage, and often are spending good money on coverages yielding very little value. At EHL Insurance we will work with you to determine the coverages, limits and deductibles that are best for your specific situation.

Condominium Unit Owners Insurance
A condominium association typically has a master policy in place to provide coverage for the structure. However, the individual unit owner still has a lot invested from “the sheetrock in”, with property that is both attached to the structure, as well as personal belongings. Personal liability is also included with this policy.

Course of Construction
Course of Construction (COC) insurance provides property coverages for your home while it is being built. Some of these policies either include or can be modified to include theft coverage for your building materials prior to their installation in the home.
While building a new home can be fun, there are many potential stress points in light of all the decisions that must be quickly made during the project. The fact that many preferred homeowners companies decline to offer a product for this exposure can unnecessarily add to the stress. This is a time in your life when doing business with EHL can really help simplify things. COC is a coverage that must be integrated with the rest of your personal insurance package. We have the combination of companies that can solve this potential problem. You’ll still have to decide on the color and type of carpeting and countertops; but insuring them need not add to your “to do” list.

Earthquake Insurance
Geologists have warned that the “big one” could strike Western Washington at any time. The reason why about five out of six homeowners do not purchase this coverage is due to increasing premiums and deductibles. Earthquake insurance is for the truly catastrophic quake that could cause your home to “walk” off its foundation. Some insurance companies are removing earthquake coverage from existing policies and refusing to issue any new quake coverage; and some companies have stripped their coverage to the point of making their product unattractive to the informed consumer. EHL can help you understand the risk factors that make quake damage more or less likely for your property; and we have an array of companies willing to issue the coverage in an assortment of terms.

Flood Insurance
While most homeowners and dwelling fire policies provide coverage for water damage when the water originated within the plumbing fixtures of the home, flood is almost universally excluded as a covered peril. Sometimes a financial institution requires flood insurance before they will approve your loan. EHL can navigate this sometimes confusing federal insurance program for you.

High Net Worth Protection Plan
Some of our clients experience more complex risk exposures and coincidently more expensive risk exposures. EHL is proud to offer our High Net Worth Protection Plan for those clients whose assets or situation may include:

  • A residence with a reproduction cost in excess of $1 million
  • Multiple investment properties
  • An expensive collector car collection
  • A yacht and/or high end motorhome
  • A large investment in jewelry/fine art
  • Significant income protection needs for your family, or simply a need
    for greater liquidity in conjunction with your overall estate plan

Some of the features of this important program include:

Risk Identification – On site inspections reveal inordinate loss exposures requiring special treatment that are not always discernable without a hands on approach.

Client Interview – Understanding our client’s “top end” loss exposure as well as their risk tolerance for self insuring smaller losses, helps us tailor individualized programs.

Risk Management Tools – We discuss avoidance, retention, loss control and contractual transfers in addition to insurance. Sometimes people can save significant premiums by using techniques other than insurance

Survey of Insurance Companies – We determine value by finding the company that does the best job of insuring the client’s unique exposures; has the necessary underwriting appetite; and competitive rates.

Program Structure – We will construct programs that assimilate the right company, client desired non-insurance risk treatment tools; and coverage limits/deductibles that reflects both top end exposures and low end risk tolerance.  The result is often significantly greater coverage for less premium.

Income Replacement Analysis – For clients who have yet to accumulate all the assets they will need to retire, we interview our clients to ensure that the goals they have for their program are being met by their existing program.  Modifications are recommended to fill any gaps.

Coordination of Services – We work with our client’s estate planning attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors and other trusted advisors to ensure that all are working together in the maintenance of a holistic plan.

Homeowners Insurance
Your home is likely one of the largest investments you’ll make. It has been estimated that the average homeowners insurance policy in the US provides about $0.70 of coverage for every dollar it would take to reproduce the home. Our clients are often surprised by how high of property and liability limits are needed to insure them well; and equally surprised to learn how affordable it is when they are willing to work with higher deductibles. Our licensed agents will work with you to determine which type of homeowners is right for your specific situation.

Innkeepers Insurance
Available if you own a B&B at your residence or if you desire coverage for vacation rental property.

Jewelry/Fine Arts
Homeowners and renters policies provide coverage for personal property as part of the package. However, theft coverage for jewelry is very limited. A jewelry “floater” is an optional coverage that provides broader, and specific piece by piece coverage for individual items of jewelry. While most jewelry insurance is written on an “Actual Cash Value” basis, we have found this to be a source of disappointment for clients when they have a claim. For example, you may be paying a premium based on a $10,000 value, but only receive $5,000 in settlement if the company selling ACV jewelry can replace your item for this lower amount. All of our primary companies offer “valued” jewelry coverage, which ensures specific items for a pre-agreed upon value. The difference in premium is such that we only quote valued coverage when it is available.
Whereas jewelry coverage (theft) is severely limited in a homeowners policy, fine arts have no such internal limit. If the personal property coverage on your homeowners policy is sufficient for all your belongings, including fine arts, you may not choose to schedule individual items. However, if you are concerned about breakage (i.e. blown glass), then it is wise to not only schedule these items, but to also make sure they are scheduled for breakage.
Whether jewelry, fine arts, or any other category of scheduled personal property, there is usually no deductible, the causes of loss to which coverage applies is typically broader, and the amount of coverage purchased is in addition to the personal property dwelling limit on the homeowners policy.

Natural Disaster Insurance
Natural Disaster Insurance combines coverage for earthquake, landslide and flood into a single policy. This is the product for people concerned with the landslide exposure. And, if you want to insure against flood and/or quake, this is a way to have all combined onto one policy.

Renters Insurance
Renters_Insurance_thumbnailPeople who rent their residence often neglect to insure against losses to their personal belongings and personal liability. This coverage is very affordable, and often results in additional discounts on your automobile policy when you purchase these. Click on the picture to the right to discover the value of renters insurance. There are advantages to the tenant and also to the landlord.

Click the thumbnail to the left to see the value of Renters Insurance – for both the tenants and the landlords.

Special Needs Protection Plan

Customized Services for Your Unique Needs

According to The Hartford Investor, only 38% of parents have a plan in place to cover the cost of care for their dependent with Special Needs once they are no longer here to provide that care. In addition, families with a Special Needs member sometimes have Property or Liability exposures that have never been identified or properly treated.

Our industry has generally underserved this portion of our population. We are passionate about delivering coordinated, tailored packages of protection to these families. As we take the time to understand each individual situation, and reach out to other trusted advisors working with the family, we can help simplify what can seem an overwhelming process.
Here are the highlights of our Special Needs Protection Plan:

  • One Point of Contact
  • Identification of Unique Liability Concerns
  • Determination of Specialized Property & Coverage Options
  • Insurance Company Placement for Family’s Specific Needs
  • Coordination with Family’s Support System, including
    Attorneys, Financial Planners and Other Key Partners
  • Referral AssistanceWant to learn more? Or, do you know someone who might benefit from this program? If so, please give us a call.

Watercraft – Boats/Yachts/Jet-Skis/etc.
Watercraft is a widely used term that can describe vessels from as small as a windsurfer to as large as an ocean liner. Insuring watercraft properly is usually dependent on the type, size, and usage of the vessel. Smaller craft, often called “boats”, are normally easily portable, usually via car-top or by trailer. Yachts, on the other hand are usually larger, and most commonly moored
At EHL we have a variety of insurance markets to tailor your watercraft coverage to meet your specific needs.
BOAT:  Many people assume their homeowners policy will cover their watercraft. While the homeowners policy may provide some incidental watercraft coverage, normally it is inadequate and subject to major limitations. It is wise to secure a separate policy designed to specifically protect your watercraft.
YACHT:  Yacht insurance is designed for larger watercraft. Often, these larger craft are higher valued and are moored in marinas. Characteristically, yachts often require professional hauling for maintenance and repair. With this in mind, a standard watercraft policy usually does not provide the coverages necessary for the exposures presented by a Yacht. In most cases, a policy designed specifically for yachts is the best choice.
At EHL we have access to several yacht specific programs where we can obtain the best policy to meet your needs.

making a path through the maze

We will guide you through the maze,
and get you an insurance program
that we have tailored to meet the
specific needs of your family and you.

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